Identity, in List Format

I’m having a lot of trouble getting started on a post tonight. I’ve been working on a quilt for the past week and finally finished the quilting part (yay!) but that really sucked my energy. I have a few different topics in mind but I also want to give them a decent write up, and I REALLY want to go to bed. Little Elf has been nursing every hour or hour and a half for the past three weeks, and I’m starting to… no, scratch that… I AM loopy. And I can’t have more than one cup of coffee a day – and it’s gotta be before noon – or else it keeps the little one up.

That cat, right there? That's me.
That cat, right there? That’s me. That’s even my coffee pot! (Well, close, anyway. Mine isn’t silver but it is the same style.)

I’m amazed by how much this blog has grown in the past three weeks. I chatted via facebook to my very first follower last night and was reminded of how grateful I am to everyone who reads, comments, and signs up to get the emails each day… This gal started following me more than three years ago, and surprise, she is not my mom! So a shout out to Echo, because man, having followers… people who actually read your blog? That is the best. 😀

So, here’s one I haven’t done before. It’s a bit of a cop out (sorry), but for all the folks that are new and for everyone who doesn’t know me in real life… here are 10 weird things about me that you won’t get from my about page. (And even if you know me in real life, you might not know these things.)

1.  I’m allergic to raw carrots. How strange is that? It came on in adulthood – because one of my favorite things to do as a child was dig carrots and pick tomatoes out of the garden and eat them. Mmm… warm tomatoes are the best. And the right kind of carrot is wonderfully crunchy and sweet and… yum. I miss carrot sticks. I’m also allergic to hazelnuts and soy milk (but not tofu, go figure). I used to be allergic to salmon, but grew out of it. One of the worst things about all of this is never getting to eat Nutella.

2. I was home-schooled through 8th grade and then entered public school as a Freshman. If we want to get really technical about it, I repeated 9th grade because I’d done it at home already, but whatever. I didn’t talk much my first year and I found out later that people thought I was snotty because I didn’t talk to anyone and got good grades. Oops.

3. I’ve read the Song of Ice and Fire series since 1998 and checked out the first two books from the public library. I read them three times and then returned them. I didn’t remember that I had read them until college when everyone started talking about the series. My friend loaned me the first three books and then I realized there was something awfully familiar about the story. I have not, to date, watched the HBO series although I am utterly and totally obsessed with the costuming and recreated Arya Stark’s fighting outfit for a friend’s little girl last year. Sadly, I have only ONE picture, and it’s not on a model. I’m going to see if I can remedy that at some point.

4. I don’t watch TV. We sold our TV at a yard sale last summer and I am still ridiculously thrilled that we did it. We do watch movies on the computer, but in general I’d rather read a book. I can easily read a standard sized book in about 4 hours… the Ice and Fire books take me about two days, although I finished the latest, Dance with Dragons, in one… I read for about 7 hours straight. Needless to say, I have a lot of trouble staying in reading materials. It also means I’m usually hopelessly out of touch with the current media hotness.

5. Despite not watching TV, if I was to name a favorite movie, it would be the old Robin Hood movie with Errol Flynn. I loved it growing up. However, I got a bunch of friends to watch it in college and they made fun of it all the way through. Apparently something about the way Robin Hood laughs just triggered uncontrollable MST3K-ing… I still haven’t forgiven them. 😛

6. I had a ghost encounter when I was 8. I was lying in bed with a friend (sleep over), and a tiny little light started down on the floor. It grew into a big column of light, and then faded away into nothing. My friend saw it too — I’m not making this up. Because of this experience, I believed for years — years! — that Santa Claus was real. Don’t judge me. My father dressed up as Santa one year and fooled my little sister and I into thinking we’d had a Santa sighting. He melted away into the shadows perfectly… it looked like he faded into thin air. My parents used the “Santa is a spirit” rationale with me when I realized that Santa wasn’t a proper human being… so this made perfect sense. I argued with people in high school about it because I’d – duh! – seen him. SO embarrassing. They must have thought I was really weird.

7. I used to have a cat whisker collection. Okay, yes, this is pretty strange. It started because I used to make little dioramas out of natural materials and I thought the whiskers would make perfect little fishing poles.  I never got around to making the scenes though, and the whiskers kept collecting… after a while I had a bunch. And everyone knows if you have more than two of anything you are suddenly “collecting” that particular item. That is the story of the cat whisker collection. It took up a lot less space than plenty of other items though… so it had that going for it. Edit 10/19/13: I had to be really nuts to admit this at 2 in the morning. Just to clarify, these whiskers were just lying around the house. It’s not like I pulled them off the cat or anything.

8. I have, at one time or another, played the violin, flute, piano, guitar, and harmonica. I played all of them badly. Which is to say that I initially played okay but never ever got good at it. I still “play” piano and guitar but it is rare that anyone allowed to hear. I also sing (fairly well, in contrast to my instrument playing), but I don’t do much of that anymore. If I was ever going to learn a new instrument, I’d want to learn to play the cello or the hang drum.

9. My parents told me I could pierce my ears when I was 12. It took me a full year to decide to actually go through with it and I got them pierced the day before my 13th birthday. In a similar fashion, I have contemplated getting a tattoo for the past 8 years… and I’m still thinking about it. I’d do butterflies in a tribal design on my right shoulder-blade and work in the names of my children. I would never ever ever (I actually despise that song, by the way) get a significant other’s name or anyone else’s name. Now that Little Elf has been born it feels like the idea is more “final” somehow and the way feels clear to do it, but I’m still hesitant.

10. My favorite quote since High School has been this one by C.S. Lewis. I’m not entirely sure why it has continued to stick with me through the years, but I have always endeavored to follow this advice.

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.

Wow… I spent far longer on this than I’d planned… but I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so I’m still counting this as NaBloWriMo post 18. Good night all!

9 thoughts on “Identity, in List Format

  1. My husband is allergic to carrots as well! My son loves to eat the carrots in baby food, but he pukes them up pretty quickly, so I’m watching to see if he develops an allergy to them as well.

    No TV? Wow.. and my husband thought I was nuts when we first started dating, because I only had the absolute basic of basic channels. I told him, “I don’t watch all those other channels and I can’t stand the idea of paying that much for cable.” My cable bill, which included internet was only 50 bucks. Now that we are married and my husband couldn’t LIVE without the channels… the bill is 157 a month. CRAZY… but no TV? Yeah, I think that would drive my husband up a wall 🙂

    Ok, I like collections… but uhhh, if you ever come over to New Orleans, I’m hiding the cat! Hehe. Kidding!

    1. *laugh * I should clarify that the whiskers were ones that were dropped around the house. I’d never pull them off. My cats are my furkids. 😀

      Your boy might be able to eat carrots later in life too… I’ve had that happen with a couple of foods where it didn’t work for me as a kid, but as an adult I metabolize them differently or something. Of course, it seems like I’ve traded some allergies for others… my cat allergies, for example, seem to have turned into seasonal weed allergies. But on the whole I’ll take it! (I love my cats too much to ever give them up… now it’s just the really occasional long haired one that will trigger an allergic reaction.)

  2. Thank you for sharing your unique identity list! I feel like on several levels we could be kindred spirits. I got my ears pierced around the same age, (except I was the one trying to convince my parents that it was a good idea). I, too, have been contemplating a tattoo of a similar design with my kids names, but haven’t taken the plunge. I believed in Santa long after most of my friends, as I had been somewhere that the jolly old elf had made a special surprise appearance. I played clarinet, and I sing. While I didn’t collect cat whiskers, I did collect collections–stamps, rocks, shells, and napkins just to name a few. No known allergies, but I was labeled a snob in high school (which I didn’t find out about until years later), for not talking to anyone. Truth is I was too shy and afraid of saying something embarrassing to speak to people.

    1. Oh yeah I totally hear you on the don’t want to say something embarrassing bit! I feel like I didn’t hit my social interaction maturity until college. I tend to be pretty reserved anyway around new people – I just didn’t know lots of kids as a kid to challenge that part of my growth. 😀 And I’m soooo glad I’m not the only one who believed in Santa for years.

      It’s funny — I checked out your blog last night before I wrote this post. (I’ve landed there a couple of times actually but got pulled away before I could comment.) It’s always fun to find someone else who shares your oddities… that’s the point of writing on the interwebz… isn’t it?! 😀

      1. I actually started the NaBloWriMo to help me meet my goal of writing everyday, but I am almost enjoying the networking aspect even more. Everyday, I am being inspired and making some really great connections through the other blog writers here. I will hate to see October end.

  3. The year after we were first married, hubby and I didn’t have a TV. Ours broke and we couldn’t afford a new one. It was a wonderful time of music and hanging out talking. (the internet was nowhere near what it is today back in 1994, so we didn’t even watch movies. Just us and music!
    Sometimes I miss those days, but I do enjoy movies and cable tv series. Maybe when this tv quits…who knows.

    I am glad to have stopped by on this post, nice to ‘meet’ you. My daughter had a milk allergy when she was little, but has grown out of it. I never had allergies (air allergies) until I got pregnant, and they get worse each year now. Drives me crazy every Spring, and now Fall too! ugh.

    Let’s see, I got my ears pierced when I was 6, but didn’t take care of them well and got a major infection, had to let them close. Then about 12 (like you) took that plunge again. I now have 7 holes in my ears. Oh, and hubby got me a tattoo for our 8th anniversary. I love it, tho getting it was a bit uncomfortable (think lighted match held to your skin). He got a matching one.

    So may I join your kindred spirit group here? 😉
    Glad NaBloWriMo connected us.

    1. Have you thought about getting allergy shots? That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years and it’s been a struggle because I’m one of their “special” patients… it’s taken me forever to get to a regular dose… and then, just as soon as I did I got pregnant and had a major reaction… so back down I went! However, it has really helped in the summertime.

      Please do join! I’ve been enjoying following your posts as well!

  4. I thought about getting a tattoo for ten years before I did it. I was afraid I’d regret it. I finally got it done when I was 30 and haven’t stopped thinking about the next one. If you go, I will hold your hand!

    1. I hear they’re addicting! I know what I want but it really has to be the right design and the right artist… and I may very well take you up on the hand holding! Beware! 😉

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