Movement on the floor

I firmly believe that ballroom dancing can be done to modern day music. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. This whole business of only dancing to Frank Sinatra is… misguided. Over the past couple months I’ve started writing down different song titles and what type of dance they’d be suitable for. I think my oddest find so far is that the “From the Vault” portion of the Halo Reach game soundtrack is an Argentine Tango.

From back in our competition days... our waltz outfits! (Made by me!)
From back in our competition days… our waltz outfits! (Made by me!)

I haven’t actually gotten to properly dance in months. I danced up until 7 months pregnant with Munchkin. This time around things just hurt too much and I opted out around 5 months. Dancing rumba in the kitchen with the Engineer after giving birth – as weak and non-toned and achey as my body felt (and still feels) – was one of the most sublime moments since Little Elf was born. The sheer joy of being able to move!

It will come… right now Little Elf is still too little to leave for any length of time, and I need to work on getting back into shape… but oh how I miss it.

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    1. Sandy at The Dance Studio (located at the Women’s Club) does regular classes during the school year. Google “the dance studio missoula” and you’ll find her website… alternatively, if you don’t like what she’s offering that session (she usually does 6 week sessions and has a minimum attendance requirement to run the class), you can check out the Downtown Dance Collective. There’s also various one off classes around town… the Sunrise Saloon has some, and the Missoula Winery has one when they do their swing night. I think there’s a couple others but I don’t remember them off the top of my head right now.

    1. Thank you! The funny part about that dress is sewing the glitter fabric was a nightmare from my machine’s point of view. I had it cleaned twice – twice!- after that and both times the tech complained about the glitter. It does not go away!

      When your little ‘un gets bigger, I definitely encourage you to go to classes! It’s such good exercise and it’s so much fun. Look for group lessons for a best value initially, and I’d recommend starting with East Coast Swing… ECS is pretty versatile and if you’re out dancing you’ll always be able to dance to probably 50% of the songs. 🙂 And don’t be discouraged if it takes a couple of lessons to start feeling natural! My husband and I taught on an off for the past 6 years, and we always tell people to go home and sleep on it… it makes a world of difference!

        1. I often dance with another friend of ours, or we’ll coordinate with family to watch Munchkin. Rarely, we’ll let Munchkin entertain himself with a movie or a computer game while we work on something.

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