I must do all the things!

There’s a problem that keeps cropping up, and I’m not sure how to get around it. I want to do too many things. (Cue the “All the things!” comic from Hyperbole and a Half. Linky linky!)

Currently, when I grow up I want to be a costume designer, artist, chef, photographer, and writer. There’s a lot I have to learn. I have a modicum of skill in all these areas… some more than others. And some of these I know absolutely for certain that I wouldn’t want to try to make a living doing. I do not want to open a restaurant, for example. Also, I do not want to write news articles (I did that already, and I’d rather not do that again), or go back to technical writing.

However, on my “to do” list are (in no particular order); increasing my skill at photography and shooting a couple of photo projects I have in mind, putting at least a tenth of the pictures I have in my head on paper in the right medium, and writing the novel that keeps knocking on the windows upstairs. This is in addition to the various sewing and craft projects that I’ve promised myself I would do for my family or personal use. I’m working on a baby quilt right now, for example, but neither of my children have a quilt made especially for them – nor has the duvet cover I promised my husband taken form.

To top it all off, now I want to try my hand at book binding. I already do all of these other things… do I really need to add another thing to my pursuits? Apparently I do… because I attended a panel on bookbinding during the Montana Festival of the Book this past weekend and as is my wont, I said to myself “I could do that!” and now I have images dancing in my head of all the beautiful hand-bound journals I could make. 

Results of another of my "I can do that!" moments... those kind of moments are dangerous. And sometimes expensive.
Results of another of my “I can do that!” moments… those kind of moments are dangerous. And sometimes expensive.

Honestly I would probably be happiest if I had a studio the size of a garage and could just putter away all day, pretty much every day, doing whatever struck my fancy at that particular moment. This is, of course, no way to pay the bills… the Engineer has been amazingly supportive during this quest of mine to reset, refocus and find a career doing something I love. Despite my best intentions, things got stalled out during pregnancy, and now I’m feeling like it’s time to settle down and make some decisions about what I’m going to commit to. I get just as enthusiastic about one thing as I do another though… and I have trouble committing. I have ideas for big projects in every single one of the areas I listed above and just as I get going in one direction, something happens in another to upset the apple cart.

Such a first world problem, and yet still a very hard one. >_<

2 thoughts on “I must do all the things!

  1. I’m with you there.. I want to do cake decorating, I make jewelry (love the picture!), play the piano, write poetry, I want to get into card making…. and I have a demanding 7 month old, so mommy gets nothing done!

    1. Ooh, card making and piano playing! Cake decorating is awesome… I’ve had a ton of fun with what I’ve played with… My music has taken a backseat because Munchkin tells me to stop playing every time I start practicing… even though he used to enjoy it. I try to stick with it, but it’s not so much fun with a “Hey Mama, look at me! Stop playing! I don’t like it!” every minute. 🙁

      I realized I should have added “old furniture restorer” to this list….

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