Tabula Rasa

I bought a new pad of Bristol board paper today. Bright and shiny. Twenty brand new white sheets. The pads were 40% off at Michaels, and although I was there for an entirely different purchase I couldn’t resist. However, as the pad is usually $9.99 and at 40% off it was still $5.99 and since that works out to… oh… about $.30 a sheet… I should be working on producing some masterpieces.

Our Grandparents House | Dakota Midnyght Art (

I’ve been thinking about making this purchase for a while. My colored pencils have been sitting neglected in a corner and I keep feeling the urge to pick them up. I’d been drawing in a small sketch pad and while that is a lovely thing to tuck in my purse and *go* it’s a bit small for my doodles… So I think it might be time for something a little bigger.

Hippie Mushroom | Dakota Midnyght Art (

Really, the small sketch pad is just fine for continuing to play around… but a new pad of paper is more about the possibilities of what I can create than about any real need. This ongoing challenge of trying to redefine myself as a stay at home mother of two(!*) as well as a talented, creative individual requires a little fuel to keep the fire burning. Dreaming about what I might put on paper I don’t have keeps me safely in a dreamy little cocoon. Having a pad of paper in my possssion is a call to action. A challenge. A red, er… white flag at the edge of my consciousness.

*Two kids isn’t a lot for some, but for this gal it’s still a challenge!

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