NaBlaWriMo and the Case of the Growing Child

When did he grow up?

This year has flown by so fast (full time employment will do that to you, sadly, each quarter steadily ticks away) and Munchkin has grown up so much. The Engineer still answers “2” when asked how old he is, I answer “just over 2 1/2,” but neither answer really hits the mark. Neither answer conveys the leaps of vocabulary, physicality and sheer maturity that he makes each day. Any mom – any parent – will know exactly what I mean when I say… just… wow.

I miss my baby. I love getting to know this new kid that’s taking his place.

The hardest part is being away 40 hours a week and only witnessing this transformation in dribs and drabs. I’m working on that. Change, hopefully, will come soon.

“Reading” the letters on the sign. He did pretty well!

I’m going to (try to) participate in the NaBlaWriMo challenge again this year. It means one post a day, for each day in October. It was a good way to get myself back in the habit of writing each day last year, and I’m hoping I’ll reap the same benefit this year.

So – not that there’s really anyone that still reads this but if you are thanks for hanging in there! – if you’re around, and want to play, pose one question to me that you’re curious about. I’ll answer the question in one of my posts this month.


3 thoughts on “NaBlaWriMo and the Case of the Growing Child

  1. Obviously, I know all about not regularly blogging. It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with this month!

  2. My favorite childhood story was about a girl named Kara and her little round friend Athabath. What ever happened to clever tales like these, and did the author ever go on to write others? If so, what about?

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