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Yay! A giveaway! Leave a comment on this post about why you blog or tell me about your best writing experience. Comments will be open until midnight MST  on Oct. 19th. One commenter will be randomly picked to receive a jar of organic apple butter! 

This is my 100th published post! (I have a few drafts lingering around. 🙂 ) I started this blog on May 18th, 2008, but I never celebrated its anniversary because I just didn’t publish that much. After I moved I completely dropped it for nearly a year, and it never seemed like all that great of a thing to celebrate  not posting. I’ve tried to be more regular this year and I think largely I succeeded, with the exception of the month I was unemployed. I tend not to write when I’m depressed and that wasn’t the easiest month. It seems kind of silly to celebrate 100 posts (which after all isn’t that many) but it is a landmark on this blog, and since I haven’t celebrated anything else by golly, I’m celebrating this one.

The experience of keeping a public blog is ever changing. I also have a private blog that I’ve kept for nearly eight years, and it’s always interesting to go back and read what I was thinking about. This space tends to be both more and less personal. More personal because there are photos on here. Less so, because I don’t usually write about my deepest thoughts and fears.

The point of this blog though, is to connect with other people. It presents one version of me… not the whole me… but probably a decent representation. But no one that I know shares all my passions. So I write to connect with other people who share a love of gardening or crafting or their children. And I enjoy the counter points of view too – I don’t want to leave that out – but ultimately, it’s about connection.

So thank you, all of you who come here and read and comment. You are the reason I keep writing. Here’s to another 100 posts.

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8 thoughts on “Apple Butter Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th published post!! Once I discovered blogging, I became obsessed. I currently have six public blogs!! Unlike you, I tend to write more when I am depressed…but I’m trying to do better and write all the time. 🙂

  2. Dakota, congratulations on your 100th published post! What a great accomplishment! 🙂

    To answer your questions, I love blogging. I began blogging when I was 18 and have kept the same blog ever since. It began as a way for me to connect to others, such as good friends who lived out of state. Eventually, however, I began to learn the therapeutic advantages of journaling and soon set my blog to private viewing only. Almost a decade later, I still write in my journal and enjoy doing so. 🙂

    In terms of writing, it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can recall. I began writing short stories in elementary school and soon poetry. Poetry was where I found my niche. Throughout my adolescence, poetry was my anti-drug and allowed me to express myself when I felt I could not otherwise. In college, I learned how to give my writing more of a voice and found empowerment through poetry. I began competing in poetry slams and would partake in open mic readings.

    To answer your question on writing, I really can’t pinpoint my best writing experience. For me, it has been a plethora of many, from hearing my voice echo across the Wilma Theater in a poetry slam to writing my inner most thoughts on a sixth grade school bus. Though each experience I’ve had writing has been a different one, each has aided me in finding my voice and learning new things about myself. Writing is a part of who I am and always will be.

  3. I really like your blog Dakota. I do it for the same reason but I don’t think very many people read it, which is fine. lol I think maybe I blog because I like the idea of sharing things and because I like reading other people’s blogs. It’s really more for my own entertainment. Kind of like journaling but out there so someone could possibly read it and relate or get something out of it. 100 posts…woohoo! Keep it up!

  4. Of course it’s not silly to celebrate 100 posts! I started my first blog years ago, but never did much with it. I then created three others with themes, because Oh I don’t know, maybe I am ADD or whatever. Since then, NaBloWriMo has brought me back to my oldest blog and surprisingly enough, i have kept with it for 15 days and counting.

    My main reason for blogging is to maintain sanity. I came down with an undiagnosed illness a couple of years ago, right after being laid off from a regular job with subsequent loss of health insurance, and now have to write for a living. That means I have to write what the clients want. A blog allows me to be me and write for people off the beaten path.

    I am more outgoing than I thought before I became ill, so blogging for me is also a way to socialize and meet new people, since I am pretty much stuck indoors. I also like to read and while I do not have time to read books anymore, reading a few blogs per day is good therapy as well.

    Alexandra Heep
    from A Heep of … Everything
    and a heap of other places 🙂

  5. Dakota, I am always in awe of your moves throughout this lifespan, between your dancing, knitting, drawing, music & making jewelry, clothes & rocking out being a Beautiful amazing Wife you are also conquering the hardest job of all, Mothering. I think you have earned the right to Boast about your accomplishments in fact it is one of my favorite things to do in regards to talking about my sisters. I Love you & to answer about my blogging & writing well . . . . . . . I don’t blog & the writing I seem to do the most of is making a grocery list or a To Do List. I get a few lines out on Facebook but I have basically kept a lot of great conversations under wraps.
    Since becoming the Mom of 3 I have re-routed just about everything when it comes to myself & doing for me, I miss a good girl talk. Knowing what I know about life & how mine has evolved into this one I have survived & for that I brush myself off, suck it up & work out the teenie problems with Music & a good laugh created by 3 babes who apparently inherited my awesome sense of humor, whoo whoo! I could write novels on how rough my childhood was but in the mind set of monks I will leave it in the past & not dwell. If I keep moving forward I will have saved a lot of energy that would of been spent in the back, running on a treadmill is fine in life but running through mountains is in my world so much better.
    So I say to all you fine Creative Chimera readers keep up the work & there’s no time like the present. If anything when the going gets rough I like to dance it OUT! (lil Grey’s Anatomy Mantra) also another lil spark I got from watching this show (not embarrassed to rep it) “why do we keep hitting ourselves with a hammer over & over again? Cause when we stop it feels so good!”
    whoo did I jot some words down, I love you Dakota, you are an inspiration of pure talent & Love, I always hope you are being lifted up because you deserve to be acknowledged.

    Love & SIncerity always the Big gal who always ate your Broccoli

  6. Congratulations on reaching 100. 🙂 A very nice milestone. I enjoy reading the many varied topics you pick to write about, and you write so well, it is a refreshing change from all the nonsense found in the internet.

    Keep up the good work, here’s to 100 more! 😀

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