Authors from off the beaten path

Since my last post was a rant about one particular author who I find rather… lacking… I thought I’d make a short post about some of the authors I find fun to read.

(Note, these are sci-fi fantasy authors, which is not to say that I don’t read other types of literature. I just happened to pick these three to highlight.)

A few years ago, as I was lamenting the fact that I’d finished most of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s books, I ran across a book called the Wayfarer’s Redemption. It is (in the US) the first of a series of six books by Sara Douglass. It’s a fantasy series and later hooks into another trilogy… Darkglass Mountain. I read Wayfarer first, but the series that got me hooked was the Troy Game series. It follows a group of characters from ancient Greece through just prior to World War II as they fight an ancient evil that they themselves have created. Good stuff. And this synopsis doesn’t do it justice. She also wrote the Crucible Series, set during the 14th Century in Europe.

Another author that I really like is Jennifer Fallon. I’ve read the Wolfblade and Demonchild trilogies (she’s written more, I just haven’t read them) and found both series to be well written and very entertaining. I love it when a book makes me laugh out loud and it seems to be a rare occasion in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

One last author that I’ll mention is Joanne Bertin. The only two books that I know of that are published are the Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix, but both are very well written and are a different take on dragon/human relationships. I’ve waited forever for Bards Oath to come out, but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t finished it yet.

I do read the more common authors but I don’t think these authors are quite as well known. What authors have you found off the beaten path?

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