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Sunrise Spice Baked Chicken Recipe

This is a story about chicken, and salt, and spices. This is a story about loving your food, about laughing over theView full post »

Green Chilies Spanish Rice Recipe

It must the cold weather. I’m craving curry, cumin, and green chili-laden dishes like crazy. Summertime cookingView full post »

Coconut Milk Strawberry Ice Cream

I love ice cream. Maybe a little too much. We have two ice cream shops that we haunt regularly – Big Dipper hereView full post »

Taste of Childhood – Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

As a child, Kraft Mac and Cheese was the end all food. Yes, the bright orange color is highly suspect, but theView full post »

Broiled Salmon – Fish Spice Recipe

I have not eaten tomatoes since about a week after Little Elf was born. Every time I do it seems to upset his tummy andView full post »

The Very Banana-y Banana Bread recipe

Bananas taste great – until they start to ripen. Yes, I am one of those weird people who prefers my bananas justView full post »

Basic Potato Soup Recipe

Today I learned what three weeks of waking up every hour to nurse Little Elf looks like… a migraine. I’dView full post »

Crockpot Thai Coconut Chicken

Crockpot meals are always a little tricky for me. I prefer crockpot recipes that are unique and unusual, and theView full post »

Monday Musings: Actualize (and Oven Baked Fries Recipe)

I am all about trying to make things real right now. I am a firm believer in the idea that you create your own reality.View full post »

Monday Musings: Food Additives (and Quinoa Persimmon Salad recipe)

In the post-Halloween sugar extravaganza, I got pulled up short. I don’t eat a lot of candy, normally. HalloweenView full post »

Spicy Apple Butter

Saturday is the big day! Look for a giveaway beginning on October 15th to celebrate my 100th post. I’ll be givingView full post »

Adapting Foreign Recipes to Local Foods (and Beef Potstickers recipe)

Cooking during the growing season is always fun. In the winter, I usually cook any old thing that I feel like.View full post »

$10 a Week, $50 a Month (and Homegrown Caprese Salad recipe)

In this season’s edible Missoula they talk about local food and include a surprising statistic… If eachView full post »

Homemade Beef Potstickers Recipe | DakotaMidnyght.com

A Peck of Peppers (maybe)…

Google tells me that a “peck” is a British Imperial liquid or dry measurement, equal to two pounds, or aView full post »

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