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In high school, I was positive I was going to become a crazy cat lady. It was all planned out – I’d grow pansies in my front yard, serve sour lemonade to the neighborhood kids, and make my friends’ children come and mow my lawn (after which they’d be served pepper cookies).

My diabolical plans were thwarted when Munchkin was born in 2010, and completely vanquished by Little Elf in 2013. I left the work-for-someone-else world in 2012, and my new titles are Writer, Artist, and most importantly, Mama.

Needless to say, my husband is thankful that we don’t have a dozen cats climbing around. (He’s a great husband, but I think it would test his patience just a bit!) Unfortunately, he didn’t escape the craziness entirely. I come up with some pretty… ah, unique ideas and my mantra of “No, hon, it’ll be great!!!” doesn’t seem reassuring to the male ear.

I write about some of those crazy ideas here… I adore food, am a toe-dabbler geekette, never met a craft I didn’t like, am launching a creative business, and this all happens with a couple of inquisitive munchkins hanging around.

I also have a few karmic lessons that I apparently need to learn – being present and not everything goes according to plan not least among them. I’m striving to create a community of art, zen and taking moments to appreciate the wonders (both amazing and terrifying) of parenting.

I’m telling you, the crazy cat lady gig would have been SO much easier. (For some more strange things about me, check out this post; Identity, in List Format.)

Thank you so much for coming by. I reply to all my comments, so make sure to check back.

And Welcome!


As a side note, because of the aforementioned business launch, I’m in the process of rebranding. I used to blog as “Chimera Road” and there’s plenty of artifacts that I’m slowly clearing out. It’s a slower process than I’d like because of (the also aforementioned) munchkins. Thank you so much for understanding! 


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